Goals and Mission


To provide composite manufacturers and yacht  producers/repair shops with a cost effective NDT option to ensure the quality of their composite work


Lightweight and strong, is greatly a matter of perfection and precision 


To help and support our customers to to be the best they can be

Why Us?

With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the composite and sailing yacht industry, ranging from woodwoorking, assembly , repairing, service, infusion lamination, prepreg lamination, R&D and so on. We have a solid background and experience to build on.
We have a good comprehension of all the different scenarios that the composite world is full of.

Balrog Light Weight Composites was founded 2018 by 3 owners that saw the worldwide potential of the composite industry in Finland and  the ostrobothnia region. We want to help the industry to be the best it can be.

By  providing production of “difficult to make” parts, NDT for composites and consultancy regarding lightweight composite solutions, we can achieve a complete package for the industry.

Alongside our expertice, we also have a good network of  designers and engineers that can bring your idea to paper.

"Citius, Altius, Fortius" - Faster, Higher, Stronger
Bernt Mattbäck
CEO / NDT Operator
"Progredi est Regredi" - To not go forward is to go backwards.
Alexander Törnfeldt
R&D Manager / NDT Operator

Balrog Light Weight Composites

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