We are very proud of our Carbon fiber I-beams. They are made with our own invented production technology that is nowhere to be seen elsewhere in the world.

The Prepreg material is carefully chosen to achieve the best properties possible.

The core in the web allows us to make the strongest and lightest beam without sacrificing strength or weight.

Standard sizes are (Height x Width)

43×40 @ 280g/m
45×40 @ 387g/m
67×40 @ 530g/m
67×60 @ 816g/m
87×60 @ 884g/m 

See datasheets for more detailed info

They are available in lengths up to 6m.
We also make custom sizes and lengths.  Pre-assembly of whole structures are also possible.


Technical datasheet 

Case Study 




A development project resulted in a very lightweight cabletray for the sailing yacht industry.

Weighting in at (height x width)

≈ 450g/m for a 105×110
≈ 513g/m for a 75×210
≈ 610g/m for a 105×210

They are available at custom lengths up to 3m

Custom work and prototypes


Prototyping and custom parts are part of our daily routine

Everything from extreme lightweight subwoofer speakercones for SPL competitions, to sailboat mastbeams for deck assembly, to lightweight cockpit tables, and so on.

Our list is long.

By having our own CNC mill we usually can make our own custombuilt moulds at an affordable price.